Special thanks to all our parents who go above and beyond.
Special thanks to all our parents who go above and beyond.



ECM is known for its superior service to the children of the community, giving them the essentials needed to excel academically. At the present time, ECM students rank in the top percentile in New York in reading and Math levels. But it does not stop there. ECM also equips its children and youth with the tools they need to succeed in life! If you're looking for a setting that is more than just a school, you have come to the right place. ECM is your child's home away from home and we are proud of our students and the level of education attained.


Our school

Your child is our greatest asset


ECM is a private school which serves the lower Westchester and North Bronx areas, providing education for grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Our mission at ECM is to provide the students with an opportunity to expand themselves through educational, mental, physical and spiritual development.

ECM has stood well above neighboring public schools when it comes to the quality of education. Within comparisons ECM students fall into the 95thpercentile in relation to public schools in New York State.   

Our educators provide an exceptional service to the children of our community by giving them the essentials they need to excel academically and equipping them with the tools needed to succeed in life. 

ECM has received praise and positive ratings on various educational websites. ECM has and always will be a source for helping students and families to receive not only academic enrichment but spiritual enrichment also.

We believe that proper education calls for creative innovation and new ideas that stimulate within our children the desire to learn.  

Please check the posted calendar 

Pre K Programs

The program prepares children at an early age to become successful students. Uniform is required on school days, classwork is done every day and homework is assigned Monday to Thursday. This is not a day care environment, if you think your child is ready for our program and you are a hands on parent who values higher education, then we are the facility for you and your child. 


Check your child(ren)'s folders daily.


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